About Us

Ten Block started in 2008 as an LA based alternative business model, bringing economic equality to local buyers of everyday goods through a game changing rewards system. In December 2020, we founded Ten Block LLC to operate the Continuum.

Our mission with the Continuum is to provide conscience-driven buyers and sellers with an alternative to Big Box, Big Corporate retail, and Corporate Media.

What makes us unique is we don’t use our profits to support political causes, we support our members. We’re not looking to become a billion-dollar company, and we’re not looking for investors – our focus is on decreasing economic polarity and increasing economic equality within the typical business cycle, for everyday consumers. 

* * *

Our Managing Director, Mariana Dawson, has over 15 years’ managerial and C-level executive experience in finance. She most recently was Chief Operating Officer for an investment advisory firm and hedge fund. In addition to managing Ten Block, she provides strategic guidance to businesses as an operations consultant.

Carlos Carboney, our Business Model Designer, is an independent game theorist with a history of successful entrepreneurship and innovation across multiple industries, including retail distribution, sales and account management, and strategic consulting. He also created the C.T.A Show (CHAMPS Trade Show), a premier counterculture B2B wholesale trade expo now in its 23rd year.

We’re also artists, so you’ll see a few features on the site tailored to supporting creators in the arts community.

Thanks for visiting the Continuum, and may you prosper.